iEarn-Qatar Teacher Training Toolkit

Why this toolkit?

Do you think our youth are ready to take on the challenges that our world is facing?

Are schools helping youth to grow as empathetic global citizens?

Do you believe that our education is preparing our youth to contribute to the sustainable development goals?  

If your answer is: "Mmmm, not really", you must be wondering how you can incorporate Global Citizenship Education, the Sustainable Development Goals, and international collaboration into your classrooms or workshops. Since 1988, the International Education and Resource Network, iEARN, has been enabling young people to undertake meaningful projects that contribute to the welfare of our planet. Engaging your students in a Project Based Learning (PBL) experience within iEARN will address the aforementioned concerns, and provide your students the opportunity to learn with the world & act as responsible global citizens.

In iEARN-Qatar, we believe that Education must prepare students to become productive in a knowledge based economy; and active global citizens who contribute to a peaceful, just & equitable society. Based on our experience in training teachers to join iEARN since 2008, we developed this toolkit as a complete manual to conduct trainings for teachers to join the iEARN network. This toolkit will provide teachers, school leaders, educators and NGOs with a full package to guide teachers on planning and implementing an iEARN project with their students, who then can collaborate with peers from 140 countries. This professional development opportunity for educators will be a learning in action that improves the quality of education to cope with the changing demands of our world.

This toolkit consists of 3 parts: Workshop A, Workshop B, and the Implementation Guide. The workshops are usually conducted over 2 days in a face to face environment. The project implementation is divided into 6 steps which we recommend to be done over 12 weeks.    

All the materials compiled in this toolkit, unless otherwise accredited, are owned by Reach Out To Asia. As we believe that access to quality education is a right, we encourage the use of this toolkit as an Open Educational Resource with a Creative Commons BY license.

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